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Afsana Khan’s debate with Rajeev and Shamita ends tragically

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 turned out to be extremely sad with many fights. Hurt after being cheated on by her friends, Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra, and Tejashwi Prakash, Afsana Khan vents her frustration on other housewives and herself.

After she was out of work to gain entry into Afsana Khan’s VIP access room, she accused Rajiv Adatia of following her till the washroom and touching her inappropriately. Afsana used some lewd words which mostly beeped during the episode and Jai Bhanushali, Prateek Sahajpal tried to convince her but she did not listen to anyone and kept on boasting.

Rajeev Adatia repeatedly asked Afsana Khan if he had ever touched her. Jai convinces Afsana that she is maligning Rajiv’s image by making such statements. Afsana accuses Shamita Shetty of using her brother Rajiv against her. Seeing Afsana’s rebuke, how she called Shamita “psychic” and “fake”, the Bollywood actress said that Afsana has become “mental”.

Afsana Khan also broke into Bigg Boss property, threw her water bottle, chair and grabbed a knife to harm herself. Jai and Umar Riyaz got scared and ran to stop him. Initially, Afsana Khan demands Bigg Boss to invite her inside the confession room, where she wants to say that either she will stay in the house or Shamita. Shamita Shetty also told Bigg Boss that she cannot take insults and abuses from Afsana Khan and would prefer to leave the house.

After the knife incident, she is called inside the confession room, and Bigg Boss asks her to leave the house along with a doctor, who enters the confession room for Afsana’s well-being. The singer refused to leave and a few more people were sent inside the confession room to bring Afsana out. However, he refused to go and warned everyone not to touch him. Afsana was adamant that she would not leave the house alone and would take Rajiv along.

During their fight throughout the episode, Afsana Khan also claimed to have filed a case against Rajiv Adatiya outside. Hearing this, Shamita Shetty said, “You have to file the case, walk.” One after the other happened and the entire episode revolved around Afsana Khan’s fight with Rajiv and Shamita. When Bigg Boss announced Afsana’s expulsion, Rajeev Adatiya could not control his tears and said, “Woh dil ki badi nahi hai.” Shamita, Neha explains to him that she needs help, which she will take out and recover better.

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