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All you need to know about Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil is the platform for the upcoming stars in the industry. In Bigg Boss Tamil mainly Tamil speaking people are preferred as the show is made for South Fans

Here are some facts you need to know about Bigg Boss Tamil:

1) Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted on Vijay Television (The 3rd season was started from 17 June).

2) The show will be hosted by Kamal Hassan.

3) Bigg Boss is invite-only no commoners are allowed currently.

4) The house is surrounded by 60 cameras.

5) The location of this house is in Chennai city in the EVP film city at Chembarambakkam.

6) The show is broadcasted Monday to Friday from 9:30 pm and during weekends 8:30 pm

Basic Rules of Bigg Boss House (Tamil)

1) The contestants should only talk in Tamil, no other languages are allowed.

2) No contestant can physically harm the other contestant

3) There would be no electronic devices allowed in the house (not even a watch)

4) If any contestant forced Bigg Boss or their team to evict him or he/she expresses her feelings to get out of the show then a contestant had to pay a certain amount that they agreed up under breach of contract.

Nomination process:

In the nomination process, the housemate had to vote for the least favourite contestant (according to their bonds and relations they share with each other)

You can save your favourite by giving missed calls that are allocated to the contestants.

There are some other ways as well you can simply log in to Hotstar App and search Bigg Boss Tamil and Vote for your favourite contestant.

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