Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant falls in love with Abhinav

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant is missing her husband Ritesh badly in Bigg Boss house. Ever since she appeared on the reality show, she keeps talking about him.

Rakhi likes the pair of Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilac and has started liking Abhinav. She openly expresses her love for Abhinav.

During the latest episode, Rakhi is seen in the bathroom area opposite Sonali Phogat expressing her feelings for Abhinav. She told Sonali that no other person entered her life after her breakup with her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi and she is single. Rakhi says that she has everything in life.

She said that she does not want to break the relationship between Abhinav and Rubina and she wants Abhinav to spend some time with her. Rakhi says, “I want her to accompany me on my outdoor shoot, take me on a coffee date, go to the movies.”

She gets emotional and says that she cannot run after her husband. Rakhi closes her eyes and cries that her husband will never openly accept her in front of everyone, as she has some personal issues. Sonali asks her to forget her husband Ritesh, divorce him, and find someone else.

Rakhi replies that he will never come across anyone and he is worried that he will never accept if they have children in the future. He will only give them his surname, but will not come to meet them. Saying this, Rakhi starts crying and Sonali consoles her.

She says, “I will give birth to my children without doing anything wrong.” Rakhi says that she is very clear about her goal and she will respond only when Abhinav takes initiative.

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