Bigg Boss 15: Samita Shetty lost her cool on the question related to Rakhi


After celebrating the New Year with veteran actor Dharmendra, host Salman Khan stepped in last week to take a class on the contestants’ gameplay. During his question and answer session, he asked Shamita Shetty to tell the difference in her behavior towards Rakhi Sawant vs Karan Kundrra.

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As soon as Salman questioned Shamita’s attitude towards Rakhi, she lost her cool and reacted in a jittery tone. He explained that he had nothing against Rakhi and it was not intentional. She further added that she wanted to perform the task and tried her best to play fair. After persuading him, Rakhi also questioned his behavior which led to an argument between them.

Thereafter, Shamita asks Salman to tell her where she is going wrong and accuses him of telling her that she is not going in the right direction. The actress said that she tried everything possible throughout the week, so he is questioning her. She further revealed that she was not happy with her argument with Rakhi and even expressed her anguish in front of Nishant and Prateek.

Salman who was listening till then got angry and started shouting at him. The host said, is someone telling you that you are not working hard?” Shamita once again started answering him when Rashami Desai tried to stop her from doing so.

Responding to Rashmi’s intervention, Shamita gestures and asks her not to stop her. She said, “One minute, my relationship with him is different.” She then went to Salman and told him that she considered him as her guru and wanted him to guide her. Shamita broke down while talking to the host after the tense situation.

Later, Salman tells him not to ‘butt’ him when he is already talking. He said, “When I ask you, you answer.” He said that talks like this take a different turn as one does not understand in which direction the talks are going.

Shamita was very impressed by her and Salman’s conversation and got emotional. He also apologized to Rakhi and clarified that he had nothing personal with her. However, she was finding it quite difficult to control her emotions even after Nishant and Prateek tried to pacify her. And, she was seen shedding tears in a tearful state of cursing.

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