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Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta is ruling the show

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Udaan star Ankit Gupta is currently a contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He had a slow start but is now ruling the show. For a long time, Ankit Gupta was considered a silent spectator of the house but now his one-liners have made him a trend. He is being called the one-liners king. He is likeable and funny and that is what fans love the most.

When Nirmeet Kaur Ahluwalia made him the last eligible candidate, Ankit Gupta returned it saying that despite being least included, he is still a part of the show and it was a ‘tamacha’ (slap) on everyone’s face. Is.

When Ankit Gupta nominated Archana Gautam, he said that he did so only to remove ‘enmity’ as he nominated Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary. On this, he said, ‘You don’t even have a friend to get rid of enmity.’

In a funny conversation, Shalin Bhanot taunts Tina Dutta saying that she is the one who takes care of her. He mentions that he brings coffee, tea, water etc for her and instead some daroga will take it. Ankit Gupta present there made fun of him and said, ‘It is telling the quality of the boyfriend that the spot is Dada’. Laugh out loud!

During a conversation, Shalin Bhanot says that no one can understand him. Soundarya Sharma asks Tina Dutta if she thinks Ankit is a good person. On this, she says that she does not know. Ankit Gupta comes up with a punch line and says, ‘In the words of Bigg Boss – Bade sharm ki baat.’

When Abdu Rozik was trying to flirt with Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary by giving her number and asking her to call, Ankit Gupta gave him a befitting reply. He says, ‘Take my number, 100’.

During the nomination, Ankit Gupta chose Shalin Bhanot and gave a heartwarming reason. He said that Shaleen feels that all other contestants are below her status so it is best that she leaves and be with someone who matches her status.

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