Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Sherin & Cheran In Danger? Who will be Evicted Next?

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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 the most blockbuster season and it’s getting a huge number of audiences. The show is doing extremely well in terms of TRP.

The contestants are keeping no stone unturned to give their best performance.

Bigg Boss had completed two weeks and the third week had started and this week Cheran, Kavin, Losliya, Mugen, and Sherin are in the nomination list.

Important: Click Here to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil

Right now we can see lots of clash between the contestants due to the difference in opinions. There are a lot of negative vibes in the house.

Talking about the voting poll Cheran and Sherin is in the danger. There could be changes, it is predicted after seeing the talks of the public on social media.

According to sources, Day 1 Audience vote count of this week Nominated Contestants

  • Kavin had received 53625 votes.
  • Mugen had received 35462 votes.
  • Losliya had received 30251 votes.
  • Cheran had received 27562 votes.
  • Sherin had received 22365 votes.

On social media, we have seen a trend of #SaveKavin and we can say that the young actor had gained a huge fandom at a very young age. And Kavin is at number 1 spot to get save from this eviction.

Guys, you have more than 4 days to vote for your favorite contestant.

You just need to follow simple steps.

1) Install the Hotstar app.
2) Register yourself with the appropriate details.
3) Go on search menu and search for Bigg Boss Tamil
4) And vote for your favorite Contestant.
5) Tap on your favorite contestant and register your vote.
6) You have 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can give them to one contestant or you can divide it into your favorite contestants.

The second way to save your favorite contestant is to directly give missed calls (Toll-free Number) to your favorite contestant (the number that is allocated to them).

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