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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Day 71, Rahul Gets Nominated for Elimination

Rahul Sipligunj - Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Winner

Recently we have seen Baba Bhashkar get emotional over Ravi Krishnan’s eviction. We all have seen the beautiful relation that Baba Bhashkar and Ravi Krishnan share with each other.

Recently Bigg Boss has announced the “Race to Finale in the recent episode. The contestants had to compete in a series of tasks. ‘Battle of Medallion’ is the name of the series of tasks.

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On day 1 of this week housemates had celebrated “Batthukama” in the house and it had bought some positive vibes in the house.

Now Bigg Boss had given the second task named “Ralle Ratanalu”. In this task, the contestants had to gather in the activity without any amenities. And they had to collect the stones with label 20, 50 and 200.

One Contestant will be disqualified after every buzzer who gets a low number of votes. Sreemukhi is the chancellor of this task

Shockingly, in the first round, Rahul Sipligunj directly gets nominated for the eviction.

We had also seen some minor fights between Mahesh and other contestants because Mahesh felt that the stones that other contestants had grabbed from him were in an unfair manner. He later decided not to perform the task and directly gets in the nomination but Sreemukhi insists Mahesh perform the task.

Later on, the contestants who had grabbed the stone gave it back to the Mahesh.

The race to the finale had started and all the contestants are giving their best to perform and win the title of the show.

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