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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Rajith Kumar will be arrested by police

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Rajith Kumar who had always been in the headlines and he had gained a huge fan following for himself. But this time he had crossed a limit. Dr. Rajith Kumar is the most loved contestant among the audience but now he is in trouble because of his stupid action. Rajith Kumar had physically harmed Reshma.

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On day 66th of Bigg Boss House, Bigg Boss gave the task named as a teacher-student task where there are two teams. The first team consists of Arya, Daya, Sujo, and Fukru and they are appointed as teachers whereas Rajith Kumar, Reshma, Abhirami, Amrutha, Shaji, and Alina were students.

After the task, Reshma’s birthday was celebrated but suddenly from nowhere Dr. Rajith Kumar comes out with no idea of having a green chilly in his hand and he rubbed it into Reshma’s eyes and eventually the pain started and Reshma breaks down into tears. And then Reshma was sent to the hospital and assure to give Rajith Kumar a severe punishment.

Dr.Rajith has been evicted from the show as this is a severe offense that he did to Reshma and he may also have to face the legal action on him under section 323, section 324, section 325.

Rajith’s action had fallen down all the images that he made throughout the journey.

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