Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: RJ Raghu will be back in the Bigg Boss House


Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 contestant RJ Raghu, who went out of the house to seek some medical treatment, is now likely to return soon on the home of BB.

During an online interaction with Raghu’s wife, Sangeetha intentionally hinted us towards the arrival of Raghu by writing, “Weekend Loading” which clearly indicated their arrival of the contestant.

Similarly, the show host Mohanlal during the eviction episode also suggested that those contestants left the house for medical treatment will very soon turn up in the house of BB. RJ Raghu left the show a couple of weeks ago due to an eye infection.

Along with him Sujo Mathew, Alasandra, Reshma and Pavan left the house for further medical treatment. Out of the 4, Pavan showed up in the house after a week but unfortunately, the model quit the game due to spinal disc issues later. However, when contacted the Bigg Boss Malayalam team, as they wanted to confirm the arrival of the contestants.

As a result the BB also confirmed that everyone who left the game due to eye infection will return to BB house soon.
Besides the 4 who left the show earlier, Alina Padikkal and Daya Aswathy were also taken out of the house after diagnosed with an eye infection.

The duo is also expected to make a comeback to the show in the upcoming episodes.

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