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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Vote for your favourite contestant

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The Bigg Boss Malayalam had entered in the 10th week of its journey, and we have various twists in this like Rajith Kumar suspension from the show, Reshma gets evicted from the show.

The rumour of the chilli incident is that it was a makers stunt for growing the TRP. If the news is true then makers are successful in achieving their objectives.

Right now there are 9 contestants in the house (counting Amrutha-Abirami as one single contestant)

This week everyone is nominated from the house except the captain of the house Fukru.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Contestants that are nominated for this week:

  1. RJ Raghu
  2. Pashnam Shaji
  3. Sujo Mathew
  4. Arya
  5. Alsandra
  6. Daya Aswathy
  7. Amruta- Abirami
  8. Alina

How to vote for your favourite contestant?

1) Install the Hotstar app in your device.

2) Open an account with your email id or phone number.

3) Click on the search bar and type Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.

4) Click on vote now and vote for your favourite contestant

5) It is to be noted that a user can cast only 50 votes from a single id.

6)The votes can also split between the contestants.

7) The voting lines will be closed after Friday midnight.

Now guys go and vote for your own favourite contestant and save them from eviction.

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