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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Week 11 Nominated Contestants’ List


Bigg Boss Malayalam is at its peak and entered the 11th week of their journey. Bigg Boss Malayalam is a great platform for Mallu strugglers to get the limelight for their careers.

In the eleventh week of Bigg Boss house contestants are giving huge content to the makers and the show.

This week Fukru is saved from the nomination and it’s the second time that he is not in nomination procedure. Whereas Shahji hets nominated two weeks consecutively. Let us tell you Shahji was in bottom 2 last week and now he is nominated again.

Recent fight with Rj Raghu and Amrutha-Abhirami is getting intense with the passing time.

This week RJ Raghu, Pashnam Shahji, Amruta-Abirami, Reshma Rajan and Daya Aswathy are nominated.

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And according to the current voting trend Amruta-Abirami is leading the voting trend with 39% of votes from the audience and it clearly states how consistent both the contestants are playing.

RJ Raghu also received a huge number of votes from the audience.

Reshma and Shahji will be the bottom 2 contestant and both have 50-50 chances for the eviction from the show.

After the eviction, if Dr. Rajith Kumar due to his misbehavior with his inmate Reshma. After Rajith Kumar, Amruta-Abirami had a huge chance of winning this title as they are consistent and their fan base is also huge.

Update: Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Has Ended

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