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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Week 11 Updates

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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 had been a blockbuster season in terms of TRP.

Bigg Boss host Mohanlal is also one of the reasons for Mallu fans to watch the episodes during weekends.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

This week Reshma gets a break from the eviction due to her recent incident with Dr. Rajith Kumar.

Bigg Boss Malayalam had completed 11th week and now Bigg Boss makers are planning to have double eviction this week. There has been no official announcement on this but if we believe the sources yes this week we will be seeing double eviction.

In the week most lived contests Dr.Rajith Kumar is evicted from the show due to his misbehavior with one of the inmates and Daya is also nominated who had rocked the fan’s support last week by getting a huge number of votes.

Arya and Manju are getting nominated for the very first time in the entire season. Also, the wild card entry Rj Sooraj who had entered just 2 weeks ago is also nominated.

So we have mentioned all the ways how you can save your favorite contestant. So go and vote for your favorite contestant.

Name of the nominated contestants

1) Alina
2) Alsandra
3) Sujo Mathew
4) RJ Raghu
5) Pashnam Shahji
6) Daya Aswathy
7) Arya
8) Amruth-Abirami

You can simply give the missed calm to your favorite Contestant (i.e the number allocated to them)

There is a primary way of voting i.e you need to

1) Install Hotstar
2) Register yourself with the appropriate details
3) Go on search menu and search for Bigg Boss Malayalam
4) And vote for your favorite Contestant.

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