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Bigg Boss Malyalam 2: Will the eviction of Dr. Rajith Kumar affect the show ?

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Bigg Boss Malayalam is always been in the headlines because of Dr. Rajith Kumar. He was one of the toughest contenders in the house. Actually, after seeing his fan base it would not be wrong to say that Dr. Rajith Kumar will be the winner of the show but the recent action made Bigg Boss makers force to evict Rajith Kumar.

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On March 10, 2020, Bigg Boss House witnessed a shocking incident that had created a severe problem for Bigg Boss.

The contestants had given a task in which Dr. Rajith Kumar and Reshma were playing the role of students and Fukru was playing the role of political teacher.

During the task, it was told to the students that today is Reshma’s birthday every student had wished her but from nowhere Dr. Rajith Kumar appeared on the screen with chilies and he rubbed it into the eyes of Reshma.

After this Reshma started crying. Dr. Rajith Kumar asked Reshma to was her face but she was in severe pain and then Bigg Boss called Rajith Kumar in the confession.

After some time he was evicted from the show as he violated the most important rule of the house. The rule of not harming others in any physical manner.

The TRP of the show may be decreased because of the eviction of this contender.


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