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Bigg Boss OTT 3: A scuffle between Naezy and Luvkesh

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After Payal Malik, Paulami has also been eliminated from ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3‘ last night. At the same time, a fierce tussle was also seen between Naezy and Lokesh Kataria in the show, where the fight between the two caught fire in such a way that the rapper even threatened them.

‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ is in tremendous discussion these days from host Anil Kapoor to the contestants. A lot of drama was seen last night in this most controversial OTT show. At the same time, out of Munisha and Paulami who are in the bottom 3, Paulami gets eliminated. At the same time, there is a scuffle between Ranveer Shorey and Luv Kataria in an argument and Shivani is also seen in an attacking mood on Ranveer. The 13th episode of the show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ was very spicy where for the first time a scuffle was seen between the contestants. Not only this, they were also seen threatening each other.

In the live feed, rapper Naezy and Lavkesh Kataria were seen having a heated argument with each other. They abused each other a lot in anger. The housemates were shocked to see this fight. Now some videos of the scuffle between Naezy and Lavkesh Kataria in the live feed are going viral on social media. In this argument, rapper Naezy threatens Lavkesh Kataria without thinking.

In a viral video, Naezy and Lavkesh Kataria are seen abusing each other. They also made derogatory comments. They were also seen trying to beat each other. The housemates are seen explaining and stopping them. A scuffle also takes place between Lavkesh Kataria and Naezy. When Lavkesh said to Naezy, ‘What is your status? Chewing gum. I will spit you out.’ They also pushed each other. Meanwhile, Sana Maqbool and Vishal Pandey are seen trying to separate them.

Lovkesh Kataria is currently playing the role of ‘Baharwala’ in the house. On the other hand, Naezy is trying his best to maintain his good bond with the other housemates. In the previous episode, Sana Sultan Khan got upset with him as he did not allow her to call him ‘Bamai’. She told him that only Sana Maqbool could call him ‘Bamai’. She asked Sana Sultan to call him ‘Baa’.

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