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‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’: Poulomi hopes to return to the show

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Bigg Boss OTT 3‘ is constantly in the headlines. High-voltage drama is seen every day in the show. To make the show better every day, the makers are constantly making moves one after the other. Paulomi Das was evicted from the house in the mid-week elimination task. Paulomi Das is making one revelation after another after coming out of the show. She has done something similar in her latest interview.

Paulomi Das has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss OTT 3 show. She had to be evicted after her name was selected by ‘Baharwala’ in the show. As soon as she comes out of the Bigg Boss house, she gives interviews one after the other. After coming out of the house, Paulomi believes that her elimination has not happened because of the audience nor has it happened by Bigg Boss. It has been done by someone outside. She said that if this had not happened, she would definitely have reached the finale.

In the conversation, Paulomi called the game of Bigg Boss a game of chess. Along with this, she also expressed hope of returning to the show again through a wild card.

While answering a question, she talked about the questions raised by Shivani on her clothes. Paulomi said, ‘Being an influential person, even if you come from a small village, you should have a big thinking. There are things that you cannot do in your village, but there is a world outside your village.

Paulomi says that you are also connected to it through your phone. Still, if I talk about my clothes, I am comfortable in it. This is my way of representing myself. If you are not comfortable then do not wear it, but do not question my character just because of my attire, it is unethical.

Paulomi does not remain silent here. She further says, my colour is my personality and it is my identity. You cannot take it away from me just because you are not comfortable with it. This is something I was born with. I am where I am today because of my colour and my personality.

When asked if she feels Shivani is avoiding making controversial statements just because of her background, she said, ‘Somewhere yes! Sometimes people think that since she comes from a small village, a lot of things are forgiven.’

Paumoli further said, ‘You know that people who come from small villages know how to respect elders. The way she talks to Ranveer cannot be accepted. At least you should know how to respect your elders. Don’t you do this in your house? Unless he says anything bad about you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you still say nonsense about him.’

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