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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani pushed Paulami

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Shivani pushed Paulomi

Bigg Boss OTT 3‘ saw a lot of ruckus and storm in the 8th episode on June 28. During the magic well task, Shivani pushed Paulami, due to which she got injured. Paulami abused Shivani and there was a lot of fight.

The drama is increasing every day in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’. While nominations have already been done twice in the first week, another drama is going to happen in which the housemates have to apologize, especially Ranveer Shorey and Shivani Kumari. What happens to both of them that they apologize by holding their ears? But before that, let us tell you that this week 7 contestants are nominated to be evicted. There are reports that there may be a double elimination this time. The first contestant to be eliminated this season was boxer Neeraj Goyat. It remains to be seen who will be next.

In the 8th episode, Naiji asks Shivani what is her business in the village and what does the family do. Shivani says that she takes care of the expenses of the entire house and 20-25 people in the neighbourhood. She has a brother-in-law who does nothing. She has six children and she takes care of their expenses too. Shivani then says that her childhood was spent in extreme poverty. She did not get anything to eat. Where children drink milk in their childhood, she used to eat biscuits with water.

Later Shivani and Armaan have a big fight. Armaan was gossiping about Shivani to Sai Ketan Rao and Shivani overhears this. They have a fight. Armaan makes a personal comment and says that Shivani should go and get medicine from her mother. Hearing this, Shivani also comments on Armaan’s sister, which angers him. Armaan tells Shivani to stay within her limits. Then he abuses her and a big argument takes place between the two.

There is a magical well in the Bigg Boss house and the housemates have to fulfil their wishes, but their wishes should be worth fulfilling. From time to time the sound of a frog will be heard and when it comes, the housemates will come to the activity area one by one and ask for their wishes in the magical well. Ranveer Shorey comes first. Bigg Boss tells that he can ask for as many wishes as he wants, but he will have to pay a price for it. Bigg Boss says that to ask for a wish, he will have to bring a personal item of a member and put it in the well. The more wishes he asks for, the more things he will have to put in the well. Ranveer puts the first item of Sana Sultan and wishes that the eggs of the house double. He puts the second item of Vishal and asks for electrolytes for himself. After this, he puts two more items of the contestants in the well and asks for green vegetables and fruits.

Armaan’s turn comes and he steals the housemates’ things to fulfil his wish. He puts Sai Ketan’s shaker in the well and wishes that he becomes the captain of the house and the housemates do whatever he says. After this, it is Luv Katariya’s turn and he puts Shivani’s shoe in the well and wishes that he talks to the housemates this weekend. Then he puts Sana Sultan’s earrings in the well and wishes that Chandrika should be put on duty during lunchtime so that they get good food. Vishal puts on Sana Sultan’s face wash and then Sana Maqbool’s slippers and wishes to save himself from nomination for the next two weeks.

When the last round of the task begins, Shivani and Paulami both run towards the well. Shivani pushes Paulami, due to which she falls and gets hurt. Paulami gets angry groans in pain and says that she can no longer stay in this show.

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