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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 94: Kavin walked out of the House?

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Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 94 had ended without revealing and created a lot of suspense among people. Will Kavin walked out of the show with the money bag offer to him?

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Bigg Boss 3 is getting interesting day by day and now Bigg Boss comes up with a bouncer ball for the contestants as Bigg Boss gave a chance to the contestants to leave the house by taking 5 lakhs rupees and leave the house. Every season we had seen this type of thing done by the makers to make the show interesting.

Let us tell you many times contestants get trapped in this and they walk out of the show. This time it may be Kavin, as he is looking more convinced of this offer.

We had seen that Kavin is almost ready to take the money and move out of the show as he feels he will not be able to win the show. The housemate tried to convince Kavin and asked him to stay in the house.

It may hurt the fans of Kavin but it’s his decision what to do with the offer as the offer is made to all the contestants in the house. Wednesday episode ended without revealing whether he had walked out or not.

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