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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Results 21 September 2019: Sherin & Losliya in Danger?

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So the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 has already come a long way and its already heading towards the final phase of the show. Mugen Rao is the current fan-favorite contestant of the show.

Currently, the week running has 4 nominated members of the house. Those contestants are Losliya, Sherin, Charan and Kavin. The voting process for this week’s elimination is already running for almost 3 days now.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

You can still go ahead and vote for these contestants to save them from elimination.

Here we have with us the live results for this week. Let’s see who has got how many votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Live Voting Results | 21st September

Contestant Total No of Votes
Losliya 83727
Sherin 94734
Kavin 121331
Cheran 112242

As you can see in the above table, Kavin is currently leading the chart with the highest amount of votes in his account followed by Cheran at the second spot.

Sherin has over 90k votes followed by Losliya with the least amount of votes.

This means these 2 contestants are in danger and anyone can be eliminated from these two contestants this week.

As stated earlier, the voting lines to vote for these contestants are still open. So if you haven’t voted for your favorite contestant already, there is still some time left. So go ahead and vote now!

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