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Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Nirup and Abhinay get into a heated argument

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 5, Bigg Boss invites Iswani to the confession room. He told that many of the family members did not ring the bell and asked him for a morning drink. After this, Bigg Boss ordered him to serve the family, otherwise, his captaincy would be taken away from him.
Isaiwani puts a new condition that all the housewives should handle their household chores from the allotted places and no one should enter the kitchen area. Stating that she would meet the needs of the housewives, Isaiwani warned that if anyone disobeyed her he would be punished.

The luxury budget task continued throughout the day. Isaiwani Imman became the cause of Annachi’s loss due to late entry into the tent. Similarly, the housemates play their games to win over their favorite contestants. Due to this, there was a lot of altercation between the family members.
Later, Sibi read the second part of the luxury budget task ‘Neyam Bommai Nanum Bommai Theriyum Unmai 2.0’. In this task, the family members shared who according to them is playing the individual game and who is left as a puppet in the house.

Nirup’s interference during the task led to a heated argument between him and Abhinay.
Pavani Reddy, the owner of the special coin, appointed Nirup as his assistant in place of Thamrai Selvi. He asked him to act and punish those who did not obey him.
In the presence of Nirup and Imman Annachi, Sibi narrated how Akshara Reddy had double standards in the game. Nirup also said that he has resolved his differences with Akshara.

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