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Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Punarnavi Bhupalam finally back on Instagram

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Punarnavi Bhupalam who got the fame from Bigg Boss Telugu 3, had recently left all her social accounts idle and she wasn’t active for so many months and now she is recently back for her fans. Punarnavi had recently had shared a lengthy note that how detox was essential for her life.

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Punarnavi had also shared that she had written a book during these days and spend a lot of time with her family members. She also says that she now understands the importance of her family members.

On her note, she wrote-

“Hello I’m back I don’t know if anybody noticed but I took a tiny break from Instagram and if you ask me again, I’d say yes yes yes and yes repeat after me. The only journey is the journey within, I got carried away with this overwhelming reel life and ignored my mental health”

“There is nothing wrong with taking a break, reviving yourself and getting back to the grind. So that’s what I did, I finished reading the book, spend a lot of time with my loves ones and also started working out a lot. Hoping you all doing well in your life”.

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