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Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Sivaji and Shobha Shetty argue during nominations

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Sivaji and Shobha Shetty argue during nominations

The nominations for the second week of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 are underway and the contestants have made it full of drama, debates and fights. Pallavi Prashant faced a tough challenge in the nomination. Meanwhile, Shivaji and Shobha Shetty argue.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is currently running on television and has created much buzz. Nominations are on for the second week and the contestants have filled it with drama, arguments and fights. As per Monday’s episode, the nomination process takes place over two days and Pallavi Prashanth was angry.

Amardeep curses Prashant for always bringing emotional and sentimental dialogues to take cover. When Amardeep said this to Prashant, many other contestants supported him by clapping.

Prashant cried, argued and pleaded with the contestants during the nomination process. Gautam Krishna even termed Prashant’s behaviour as ‘narcissistic’. However, Prashant displayed his attitude by saying, ‘I will take the medicine from you while going back.’

The makers released the promo for tonight and the nominations for day two are in full swing. Gautam Krishna nominates Rathika and this leads to an intense argument between them. Sivaji and Shobha Shetty came face to face during the nominations as Shobha Shetty nominated him. The nomination process will definitely be full of drama with contestants trying to oust each other from the house.

The show will air from Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. During the weekend episode, Nagarjuna announced that Kiran Rathod had been nominated from the house in the first week. She became the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

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