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Cheating with an actress in the name of Bigg Boss 18

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Kavita Virmani Bigg Boss Scam

The reality show Bigg Boss 18 is currently in the casting process, and recent reports suggest that an online scam is being carried out on various platforms in the name of Bigg Boss. This scam came to light when an actress became a victim of this scam.

Mumbai actress Kavita Virmani wanted to participate in Salman Khan’s reality show and someone contacted her regarding the opportunity in the same show. Kavita was asked to pay Rs 2.10 lakh to enter the show as a contestant.

Seeing it as a big opportunity to join a big show like Bigg Boss 18, Kavita enthusiastically transferred the amount. She was asked to connect on a WhatsApp number, but later found out that it was a scam, and she was duped on the pretext of joining the reality show.

The actress received some messages and the fraudster used many big names from the industry to trap her. Kavita transferred the amount in different installments as she was excited and eager to be a part of such a big show which would also be helpful in her career.

When she realized that she had been defrauded, she lodged a complaint at the Versova police station. The money demanded was on the pretext of a registration fee.

According to a police officer, “The caller took names of some well-known people from the industry and said that he is in talks with them and most of them have agreed to do the show. He assured me to take Virmani to the show.

The report further states that once the money was paid, Kavita kept calling the same number several times, but was asked to wait for the production team’s call. However, he never received any phone calls. Later the number also got switched off and there was no conversation between the two parties.

Let us tell you that during Bigg Boss, Salman Khan has repeatedly mentioned not being a victim of such scams. We suggest you be cautious of such fraudulent calls and demands.

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