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Bigg Boss 17 Voting: Online Voting & Result – Week 8 (LIVE)


Welcome to the Bigg Boss Voting website! If you are here looking for Bigg Boss 17 Voting, Bigg Boss 17 Online Voting Poll, or Bigg Boss 17 Voting Result – then you have come to the right place.

On this website, you will find everything related to Bigg Boss 17 Voting. You will learn about the official Bigg Boss 17 Voting Process as well and you are also going to get a Bigg Boss 17 live voting poll on this website.

On this poll, you can participate and add a vote for your favourite contestant. Not only this, you will also be able to see the live voting trends. This means you will get to see which contestant is getting the maximum votes and which contestant is receiving the least amount of votes.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll

Get the latest weekly nomination poll. Below is the list of nominated contestants for this week that you can vote for.

Bigg Boss 17 WEEK 8 (Click to vote)

Munawar Faruqui
Arun Mashettey
Abhishek Kumar
Anurag Dobhal Bigg Boss 17 Week 6 Voting
Anurag Dobhal
Vicky Jain
Sana Khan
Neil Bhatt
Bigg Boss 17 Week 5 Voting

This is the public opinion poll where you can participate and vote for your favourite contestants. The outcome of this poll is not final. This is not considered in the official voting process.

This Bigg Boss 17 voting poll will help you get an idea of what is going to happen in the eviction round. You will get to see the voting trends for the contestants.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Result

You can see the live Bigg Boss 17 voting poll results on the poll that is given above. This helps the viewers to predict which contestant is receiving the maximum support from the viewers.

The result of the official Bigg Boss 17 voting is announced by the host of the show, Salman Khan during the end of the weekend episode. Bigg Boss team does not announce the complete result like which contestant has received the most votes, and also the number of the votes. But that is not the case with our voting poll, you can see each and every detail of the voting poll like the contestant with the most votes, the number of total votes etc.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Result Percentage Week 8

Here are the complete Bigg Boss 17 voting poll results of this week percentage-wise.

  • Munawar Faruqui – 190 (36%)
  • Vicky Jain – 83 (16%)
  • Arun Mashettey – 68 (13%)
  • Abhishek Kumar – 67 (13%)
  • Khanzadi – 38 (7%)
  • Sana Khan – 37 (7%)
  • Anurag Dobhal – 24 (5%)
  • Neil Bhatt – 23 (4%)

Total Votes: 530

Last Updated: 5 December, 12 AM.

Bigg Boss 17 Nominated Contestants This Week

Want to take a quick look at which contestants were nominated for each week? Here are the complete details:

WEEK 1Navid, Abhishek, MannaraNone
WEEK 2Neil, Aishwarya, Sunny, Sana, FirozaSoniya Bansal
WEEK 3Arun, Isha, Manasvi, Samarth, SanaManasvi
WEEK 4Arun, Anurag, Ankita, Neil, Aishwarya, Navid, Samarth, Tehalka, MannaraNone
WEEK 5Anurag, Sunny, Abhishek, Khanzadi, AnkitaNavid
WEEK 6Sana, Anurag, Sunny, Ankita, JignaJigna
WEEK 7Rinku, Ankita, Neil, Vicky, Mannara, Anurag, Arun, Khanzadi
WEEK 8Munawar, Anurag, Sana, Vicky, Neil, Abhishek, Khanzadi, Arun

Bigg Boss Season 17

ShowBigg Boss (Season 17)
No. of Contestants19 (Given Here)
HostSalman Khan
Release Date15 October 2023
Finale Date
Timing10:00 PM Weekdays, 9 PM Weekends
TV ChannelColors
Produced byBanijay Group
Prize Money50 Lakh Rupees
No. of Days105
GenreReality Show
Streaming PartnersJioCinema
Official Voting MethodJioCinema

Bigg Boss season 17 premiered on Colors TV channel on 15th October 2023. The host of the show, Salman Khan is back and this is his 15th time hosting this show.

The audience can enjoy the show on Colors from 10 PM onwards on Weekdays and from 9 PM onwards on Weekends. The audience can also enjoy the show on the JioCinema platform for free. There are some OTT exclusive benefits when you watch the show on the JioCinema platform like you can join the 24×7 live broadcast of the Bigg Boss 17 house.

This season started with 17 contestants right from the start but as the show progressed, 2 more contestants entered the house totalling 19 contestants as of now in this season. Rumours are we can get to see one or two more wild card entries in the house. We will update this section of this page when there are any official updates.

The Bigg Boss show is produced by the EndemolShine which is also known as Banijay Group in India. The show is expected to run for 105 days but the producers might extend the show as per their benefit.

The prize money for this season is around 50 Lakh Rupees. However, the amount may vary at the finale due to many various factors such as tasks and other twists in the game.

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

As already mentioned earlier, the Bigg Boss Season 17 started with 17 contestants. However, we witnessed two wild card entries in the show as of now. Below is the complete list of all the Bigg Boss 17 contestants. We have tried to add additional information about each of the contestants. You can click on the name of any contestant in the list to learn more about them in-depth.

#NameProfessionStatus in house
1Vicky JainBusinessmanSafe
2Ankita LokhandeTelevision ActressSafe
3Sana KhanCriminal LawyerSafe
4Anurag DobhalYouTuberSafe
5Jigna VoraJournalistSafe
6Navid SolePharmacistSafe
7Aishwarya SharmaTelevision ActressSafe
8Neil BhattTelevision ActorSafe
9Munawar FaruquiComedianSafe
10Mannara ChopraActressSafe
11Soniya BansalActressEliminated
12Firoza KhanRapperSafe
13Sunny AryaYouTuberSafe
14Isha MalviyaTelevision ActressSafe
15Abhishek KumarTelevision ActorSafe
16Arun MashetteyYouTuberSafe
17Rinku DhawanActressSafe
18Samarth JurelTV ActorSafe
19Manasvi MamgaiActress and ModelEliminated

Bigg Boss 17 Winner

Who will win Bigg Boss 17? This is the biggest question among the viewers of Bigg Boss Season 17. To answer this super important question, we have created a public poll where the audience can add their vote to the contestant who they want to see become the Bigg Boss 17 Winner.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Process

The Bigg Boss 17 viewers can vote for their contestants using the JioCinema app and website. This is the official voting process for Bigg Boss season 17.

JioCinema is the new official voting method for Bigg Boss Season 17. Previously the voting was conducted on the Voot platform but now after the merger of JioCinema and Voot, JioCinema is the new official voting platform for the latest Bigg Boss season.

The audience can vote in Bigg Boss Voting polls using the JioCinema app and website. The step-by-step process for both is provided below.

The voting process is an integral part of the show. It is important for both contestants as well as the viewers. The contestants want the most votes in their favour. For the audience, it is important for them to participate in the Bigg Boss 17 voting and support their favourite contestants with maximum capacity so that they don’t get eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on JioCinema App

The process is simple, just follow with us.

Step 1: Download the JioCinema app on your Android/iOS device from the links attached here.

Step 2: Open the app and you should see a Bigg Boss 17 banner.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on the JioCinema App

Step 3: Click on the banner and scroll down until you see an Option that says ‘Vote’. (this button is only visible during the voting period. once the voting is closed, this button is not visible)

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on the JioCinema App 2

Step 4: Once you click on the button, you should be able to see the list of nominated contestants for this week.

Step 5: Now just choose the contestant you would like to vote for and simply submit your vote.

That’s it! Your vote is now counted in the official Bigg Boss 17 Voting Result.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on JioCinema Website

The process for adding votes using the JioCinema website is similar to that of the app process.

You just need to access the official JioCinema website ( Once you have opened the website, you need to navigate to the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ show page. You can do that by either clicking on the Bigg Boss 17 poster that you see on the home page of the website. Or you can simply do a search in the search of the website.

Once you are on the Bigg Boss 17 show page, you need to find an option that says ‘Vote’ in big words. Once you see the option, click on it and it should open the voting page of Bigg Boss 17.

Once you are on the voting page, just select the contestant you would like to vote for and submit your vote.

Note: Only 1 vote will be counted per user/account.

Bigg Boss 17 Online Voting on Google

Did you know that the viewers could vote for their favourite contestants in the Bigg Boss house by simply doing a Google search? This is how the voting polls were conducted in the earlier seasons of the Bigg Boss show.

However, this method of voting is no longer used in Bigg Boss Voting. Still, we are going to cover the exact steps to cast your vote using this method for your information

Step 1: Open the Google app on your smartphone or computer. (make sure you are signed in)

Step 2: Search ‘Bigg Boss Voting’ in the search bar.

Step 3: You should see a list of nominated contestants of this week that you can vote for.

Step 4: Just select the contestant you would like to add your vote to and click on the ‘Submit Vote’ button.

And that’s it! Your vote has been registered for the contestant you voted for.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting on Voot

In the recent few seasons of Bigg Boss (for example Bigg Boss season 16), the voting polls were conducted on the Voot app. Just like how the viewers can vote using the JioCinema app. The same thing used to happen on the Voot app.

However, after the merger between Voot and JioCinema. JioCinema has become the front face for all the Viacom 18 content including Bigg Boss.

Which means that the Voot OTT platform does not exist anymore. So the voting poll on the Voot app. Still, we have covered the exact steps to add your vote in the Bigg Boss Voting Poll using the Voot app for your information.

Simply download the Voot app on your Android or iOS device. Make sure you create an account or log in with the one you have already.

After you have logged in to the app, search for the ‘Bigg Boss’ show from the search section of the app.

Now scroll down until you see the ‘Vote’ banner. This banner is visible only during the Voting period, so if you don’t see the banner it means that the voting lines are closed at the moment.

When you click on the ‘Vote’ banner. you should be redirected to a page where you will see the list of all the nominated contestants for the week. Simply select the contestant and submit your vote.

Bigg Boss 17 Missed Call Voting

The viewers of Bigg Boss 17 can vote for their favourite contestants by simply giving missed calls. The exact process has been described below in detail.

After the voting lines are opened, you will see the nominated contestants and the number that has been assigned to them for voting while the show is being aired. Just note down the phone numbers of the contestants you wish to save in the elimination.

After that, dial that number on your phone and give a missed call. That’s how easy it is!

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Process

Every Monday, Bigg Boss gives a task to all the contestants of Bigg Boss. The contestants have to perform the task and complete it in order to be safe from the nomination list.

After the task is finished, Bigg Boss announces the list of nominated contestants of the week. Sometimes all the contestants are called into the secret room of the Bigg Boss house and are asked to give the name of one contestant they want to see in the nomination list.

After the process is finished, contestants whose names are given the most will be nominated for eviction. After the nominated contestants are announced, the voting process will begin.

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination Process

After the nominated contestants are announced, the audience can now vote to save their favourite contestant from being eliminated from the house.

After the end of the week, the contestant who gets the least amount of votes from the audience will be eliminated from the house.

How To Watch Bigg Boss 17 Online for Free?

The fans can watch Bigg Boss 17 online completely for free on the JioCinema platform. Previously, the Voot platform was the OTT platform for the Bigg Boss show. But after the merger of Voot and JioCinema, JioCinema is the new OTT platform for all the Bigg Boss content.

The viewers can watch the housemates 24 by 7 on the JioCinema platform. This is an interesting and OTT-exclusive feature that JioCinema has introduced. It will encourage more viewers to watch the Bigg Boss 17 show on their platform.

Not only this, the viewers can also watch all the previous episodes of all seasons of Bigg Boss. If you want to watch Bigg Boss 17 online but don’t know how to do it, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the JioCinema app on your Android/iOS device.
  • Go to the search section and search for ‘Bigg Boss’.
  • Now you should land on the main Bigg Boss 17 show page.
  • From there you can start watching all the latest episodes and also join the 24×7 live Bigg Boss telecast where you can see what is happening inside the house uncut 24×7.

Bigg Boss 17 Audition

Do you wish to participate in the Bigg Boss show someday? It’s not easy for anyone to become a contestant on the Bigg Boss show. However, you can surely give it a try whenever there is an opportunity if you wish to. It is not always the common people who have the chance to participate in the show. But there have surely been times when even the common people like you and me could participate in the show.

We have mentioned all the information that we have regarding the audition and participation in the Bigg Boss show.

Bigg Boss 17 Eligibility Criteria

Certain criteria are a must in order to be eligible to participate in the Bigg Boss show. They are mentioned below so you can go through them yourself.

  • the participant must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have all the required government ID proofs. (Aadhar card, PAN card, etc.)
  • Must speak in the Hindi language

Bigg Boss 17 Registration Process

Sometimes the Bigg Boss show is by invitation only. That means only the people who are invited by the team can participate in the show. But whenever there is a spot for the common people, anyone willing to participate in the Bigg Boss show can go through the audition process and become a member of the show.

The audition process is given below just for the information of the General public.

  • The Bigg Boss team announces the participation of the common public on their social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • You need to find the announcement and open the link given in the announcement post.
  • Once you open the link, you have to complete all the information that is asked in order to register for the show.
  • You need to fill in your information such as Name, DOB, Address and also upload your selfie video as asked.
  • You will also have to attach certain documents in the form such as Aadhar card, Passport-size photos, PAN card, etc.

And that wraps up for this article, I hope you enjoyed your time on Make sure to save this website and come back tomorrow for the latest updates about Bigg Boss 17. Thank you!

Bigg Boss 17 Latest News, Updates & Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions About Bigg Boss Season 17

Who got the most votes in Bigg Boss 17?

As of now – Munawar Faruqui is the one receiving the majority votes in all the voting polls, followed by Abdu Rozik.

Who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 17 This Week?

Any contestant with the least number of votes gets eliminated from the house.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Season 17 2023?

Well, the show is still currently ongoing and we can’t just yet predict the winner. Let’s wait for the grand finale. We will update this section of this page once the winner is announced.

Bigg Boss 17 Vote Results Today Live Score

You can click here to check the live voting poll results of Bigg Boss Season 17.

How much do Bigg Boss 17 contestants get paid?

The salaries/income of Bigg Boss contestants differs from contestant to contestant. Any contestant with more popularity and brand value before coming to Bigg Boss has a higher salary as compared to the contestant with less popularity and brand value.

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