Good news for Bigg Boss audience


A good news has emerged for the fans of Bigg Boss in the world of TV.

It is reported that after the immense success of Bigg Boss 13, Bigg Boss 14 will now air soon on TV to entertain the audience.

However, no work can be done due to the lockdown right now, so the makers are only making plans. There is news that this time the show will be shifted from Mumbai to South Goa. Along with this, the names of the contestants of the show have also started coming up.

Although no official announcement has been revealed about the show yet, according to the latest media report, the set of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ will be set in Goa instead of Mumbai. For the past several years, the show’s set has been kept in Lonavla.

After this, the set of the show has been shifted to Mumbai in the last season. Now the news is coming that the makers have decided to fix its set in Goa.

It is also being said that the names of many contestants of this show are also coming out. In which the first name is coming to the model, actress, and singer Poonam Karekar, who will be the first contestant of Bigg Boss 14. Along with this, names like Karan Kundra, Alisha Panwar, and Jasmine Bhasin are also coming out for this season.

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