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Hindustani Bhau Enters #BiggBoss13 House! Episode – 26th October

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Hindustani Bhau, a popular YouTuber with over 1M YouTube subscriber, especially known for his language and patriotism has got the chance to enter the bigg boss 13 house as a wild card entry.

HIndustani Bhau Bigg Boss

HIndustani Bhau Enters Bigg Boss

Hindustani Bhau YouTube Channel

Hindustani Bhau started posting videos around 7-8 months ago. His first video was a lip-sync video that he made on TikTok and then reuploaded it on YouTube.

Check out Hindustani Bhau’s channel:

YouTube Channel

There’s a promo video of Hindustani Bhau entering Bigg Boss House. Check out the video here:

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