I still love Aly Goni: Sonali Phogat

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Actress and politician Sonali Phogat was recently voted out of Bigg Boss 14. She entered the show as a wildcard contestant and soon rose to headlines for her food fights and her declaration of love for Aly Gony.

After being in the house for 33 days, he was evicted due to low votes. In a special conversation, Sonali talks about her journey on the TV reality show and tells her family about her soft corner towards Aly Gony. What was the attitude in me?

Bigg Boss 14 was an adventure for Sonali as she learned a lot there, though she was not expected to be evicted so soon. She says, “Bigg Boss is India’s biggest reality show, so I was very excited to join it. I got to learn a lot.

But I wasn’t expecting to be out so soon, at least not this week. When I joined the show, I was expecting it because I didn’t fit in with the other contestants. However, this time also Siddharth Shukla said that I was doing well and I was noticed. “

Sonali also revealed that she first talked to her daughter after she moved out of the house. Usually, host Salman Khan used to announce the eviction of contestants but this time he could not shoot for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode due to work commitments.

She was replaced by Siddharth Shukla, who announced the expulsion of Sonali Phogat. Sonali says, ‘I am happy that Salman Khan has not announced my expulsion as I respect him very much. Whenever we used to meet during weekends, he used to talk to me very sweetly.

Sonali revealed that she was closest to Rahul Vaidya at home and praised her for playing the game as per rules. She does not like Rubina Dilac and criticized Rubina for the Superiority Complex.

Sonali says, “Before joining the show, I was very appreciative of Rubina’s performance. However, he was unlike what I thought of him. Rubina is a very different person from what is shown on TV.

She breaks every rule in the task. She thinks that no one is better than her. She considers herself like a queen and thinks she has a huge fan following. When she sees that someone is playing better than her, she falls behind that contestant.

In fact, I have also become his target three to four times. She also threatened the channel that if I stay on the show, she will leave. “Asked who is the one who can get the winner’s trophy this season,” says Sonali, Rahul has the potential to win the game. Nikki, Rubina, and Arshi, etc. are fr.

Sonali was known for her quarrels at home. A major issue was created when he dumped his remaining parathas into the trash. Talking about this, she says, “My worst memory on the show is that I was humiliated for a piece of bread. Rubina used to throw 10-15 loaves of bread daily.

Arshi kept her leftovers in the fridge and then threw them away. The same people used to mentally torture me for food. I was hurt and even cried for being humiliated for such a small issue. He behaved badly to appear on the screen.

Sonali Phogat reports that she confessed that she likes Aly Gony. While others thought it was a game strategy, she claims that her feelings were genuine and that her family has no problem with this. She says, “My family had no problem with my feelings for Aly.

He accepted it because there is nothing wrong with liking someone. I also talked to my daughter about it and she was satisfied with it. If I have developed feelings for someone then no one should have an issue. I still like Ellie and it was not a strategy.

I did not fake anything for the game. Everything that was shown about me on TV was real. After Aly’s exit, Aly asks her for a date, will she go? “I would think of going on a date with Ellie because she respected my feelings and didn’t make fun of me.

I slowly started getting attracted to her. However, I know that she is with someone else. I have known Jasmine Bhasin for 5 years and she is a very good girl.

I wish them both the best in their lives. “Sonali also says that after the end of the show she will always be good friends with everyone because they all respect her.”

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