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Is Sana really eliminated? Bigg Boss 13 News

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Bigg Boss 13

So Salman on the latest episode of WeekendKaWar did a prank on the housemates of bigg boss 13.

The prank was, the fake elimination of Sana (Shehnaaz) from the nominations list. As Salman announced this news to the housemates, everyone was shocked and most importantly, Siddharth had tears in his eyes.


Although Salman has yet not announced the actual result of the eviction. According to the public opinion poll on bigg boss vote, Arti Singh is the contestant with the least amount of votes. So she should be the contestant eliminating from the bigg boss 13 house.

At the end, its up to bigg boss to eliminate the contestant, we can only wait and watch.

You can watch this video to know more

To see the results of voting polls this week, click here.

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