Rakhi can never suffer: Rahul Mahajan

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Rahul Mahajan’s journey in Bigg Boss 14 is over. His clashes with Rakhi Sawant in the show entertained the audience a lot. There was a fight between Rakhi and Rahul on the show, where Rakhi removed Rahul’s dhoti during a task. In an exclusive conversation, Rahul also talked about his friendship with Abhinav Shukla and Ejaz Khan and the battle of Rakhi and Jasmine Bhasin. He said that Rakhi can never suffer.

He said that no one is disappointed with my expulsion, I am not disappointed because I have come to my house after being evicted, so there is nothing to be sad about it. I’m fine with it I think I should have stayed a week or two, no further than that. I have no problem and that’s fine. I think four weeks is enough.

Rahul said that I missed my wife a lot during the show, I missed wife on the show. I don’t know if my wife’s presence in the show would have taken me further on the show. But the presence of couples like Rubina-Abhinav and Jasmine-Ellie reminded me of my wife. There are times when you miss your partner and want them to be with you. I think everyone misses their family.

He said that I found a lot of love in Bigg Boss. Abhinav Shukla has become a good friend. It became my support system at home. He used to help me find clothes. He used to care for and style me every weekend before the war. Aijaz Khan would wash my clothes quietly without even talking. He has washed at least 25–30 clothes. There was love inside him but he would not show up, as he wanted to maintain his angry young image (laughs). Other people also took care of me because I am a diabetic. Nikki and Jasmine also helped me. And no matter who was Captain Vikas, Rubina, or who. I used to sleep in the captain’s room. I got a lot of love from family members and especially in a house like Bigg Boss which is full of hate.

Rahul said that Jasmine is a good friend of mine and I have known her for quite some time. We have done a show together. And everything Rakhi Sawant has done on the show was disgusting. It was not depicted as if she were inside the house. She was shown as a victim, Rakhi can never be a victim. She is someone who can make the Chief Minister or the most powerful person a victim and scare anyone.

He said that Rakhi can never be a soft target. He is not a weak person. She is not naive and is a very clever woman. Rahul said that Rakhi and Arshi cannot run the show alone. No person can ever run a show alone. Just think if we keep Rakhi and Arshi alone at home, can they run the show? I do not think it is possible. The show is run by 12/13 contestants. Bigg Boss is like a dish and needs different flavors. They can be a flame to heat things up to a level, but they require other contestants to react. He said that Rakhi is not my friend. I met him during the shooting of Comedy Circus. There were different teams and Kapil Sharma was also a part of it.

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