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RJ Raghu prepared for the Show By Playing Online Games

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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 was at its peak but due to the sudden outburst of COVID-19, the show was concluded and went off the air. The first season in Bigg Boss history where there is no winner.

Mohanlal when informed the outburst of this pandemic disease he said all the contestants present over here are the winner of the show.

RJ Raghu one of the famous contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 when asked about his strategies for the show and how did he prepare himself for the show?

Replying to this, he said he knew he will be the odd man out as he is not a known to face for the audience whereas other contestants are settled and had experience in the industry.

He said he used to play online football games with the less popular team and compete with a team like Barcelona. So when he plays against big teams he comes to know about his capabilities and increases the self-confidence.

RJ Raghu also says that he still receives so much hate by the audience because of the difference of opinion with Dr. Rajith Kumar even his wife is trolled by the netizens.

RJ Raghu his interview also counters the Rajith fans by saying that he and Rajith had a difference in opinions and he respects his age and knowledge that he had. It’s a baseless argument that I formed a team with Rajith Sir after seeing his fan following he says that it was Dr. Rajith who form up the team during the mining task.

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