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Salman Khan lashed out at Afsana Khan

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, the contestants faced an uncomfortable situation when host Salman Khan slammed them for their bad behavior. The Weekend Ka Vaar episode came as a thunderbolt for the family members, especially Afsana Khan. The Punjabi singer faced the wrath of host Salman Khan over her hate speech and unacceptable behavior with the family members. He scolded Shamita Shetty for pointing to Vishal Kotian and using abusive words while communicating with others.

After being reprimanded, Afsana claimed that she is not such a person in real life. Salman cuts her off and says, “We have noticed that you are not the person you claim to be in the last two weeks.” Moving on, the Bollywood actor explained to Afsana where she went wrong and said that If she behaves like this she will not survive in the industry. He told her, “If your attitude remains like this, you can’t last 25 days.”

Further, the host talked about her pattern and asked the contestants to explain it to everyone. When asked, Jay Bhanushali, Shamita Shetty, Vishal Kotian, and a few others spoke about their ‘set pattern’. Continuing this, Salman also mentioned that she follows a pattern wherein someone who is close to her at one point in time eventually becomes her enemy someday.

Earlier, a video clip of Afsana’s heavy fight with Shamita was played. During this, she was seen age shaming, body shaming, abusing, and cursing Bollywood actresses. After their tumultuous fight, he also suffered a panic attack at the BB House. The latest season of Bigg Boss, the favorite show of Hindi-speaking Indians, has come to an end – but it lacks ‘proud’.

LGBT+ characters have been missing for a long time in the 15th season of the reality TV show that brought laurels to many stars from the small screen. The Supreme Court struck down section 377 of the IPC that criminalized homosexuality in 2018. Let us tell you that in Bigg Boss, the contestants have to do interesting tasks and get involved in politics to save themselves from elimination.

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