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The fight between the contestants is taking a violent form in Bigg Boss 15

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In Bigg Boss 15, the atmosphere of the house is getting heated day by day and the fight between the contestants is now taking a violent form too. The fight between Umar Riaz and Prateek Sahajpal is getting intensified with every passing day. In the kitchen area, both were seen honking among themselves. At the same time, it will be shown in the upcoming promo that Umar and Prateek are once again facing face.

In the promo, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Sharvari Wagh walk inside the house as special guests where they play a task with the contestants. The housemates are asked to pour dirty water on the contestants, which they do not want to see inside the house. Umar Riaz points to Prateek saying that he is not needed as he just keeps shouting all the time and has no identity of his own.

Prateek Sahajpal is seen giving it back saying that he too has no identity except that he is a friend of Karan Kundrra. In the promo, Prateek is seen throwing dirty water at Umar outside the task, and the latter loses his cool. Umar Riaz and Prateek Sahajpal push each other and get into a physical fight. Karan Kundra intervenes and Umar tries to stop Riaz but to no avail.

Guest, Siddhant, and Sharvari are shocked to see the contestants doing such a violent act.
On the other hand, Neha Bhasin takes the name of Karan Kundra and says that he is not needed inside the house. Karan also takes Neha’s name and asks her to spread the mess inside the house.

Umar Riaz-Prateik Sahajpal and Neha Bhasin-Karan Kundrra are faces to face with each other and their enmity is clearly visible in Bigg Boss 15. Host Salman Khan will also be seen cursing some of the contestants during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He will pull up Rajeev Adatia for his aggressive side and Prateek Sahajpal for his behavior towards Umar Riaz.

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