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Umar Riaz slammed for being aggressive and violent inside Bigg Boss 15 house


Umar Riaz is being pulled up time and again for being extremely aggressive and violent inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. They have often been accused of being physical and violent during tasks that can cause harm to family members.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan took a class for Umar Riaz’s behavior. He said that he had never seen such a violent doctor in his entire life. He also said that such violent behavior outside the Bigg Boss house can harm the family members and their reputation as well. He even said that if he is thinking of making a career in showbiz then it will not take him anywhere. Salman even told everyone that ‘I think you are all brain dead in this season.

Then Rakhi Sawant also slammed Umar for being aggressive during the task and said that he gets out of control due to aggression. Umar defended himself by saying that when Simba Nagpal aggressively pushed him into the swimming pool, no one talked about it. He said if he wasn’t aggressive, how was he coming out?

The promo shows Rashami Desai tagging Abhijeet as ‘Bigg Boss ke ghar ke gunegaar’ for calling Shamita her ‘jodi ki jooti’. The latter calms down on hearing this and blames Abhijeet. This leads to an ugly war between the two, which eventually forces Salman to step in. He gets angry at Shamita for her extravagant behavior and also clarifies that Abhijeet did not abuse her.

However, looks like Shamita is in no mood to listen. She says that she did not participate in the show to get humiliated while responding to Salman’s scolding. The actress says that she cannot live in a house with a man like Abhijeet.

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