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Viewers suspect Rakhi’s husband

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In the new episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan asks Rakhi Sawant if she has ‘hired’ Ritesh to play the role of her husband, the audience has only one question. 15 has entered the house but the audience doubts his identity. Even Salman Khan asked her if he had hired her. Rakhi Sawant finally introduced her husband in Bigg Boss 15. Named Riteish, he entered the show in a black suit and even grilled the contestants with his questions. However, many doubt whether the new contestant is actually her husband, including host Salman Khan, who even asked her if he had hired her.

Rakhi entered the show as a wild card entry along with Ritesh. Salman asked, “Is he really your husband, or have you hired him?” To which Rakhi replied, “No, no, he is my ‘Pati Parmeshwar’, my only husband.” He later accepted his claim. Ritesh introduced himself as a software professional from Bihar who currently resides in Belgium. He said, ‘Rakhi never tells a lie. Whatever he has said is 100% true. It was my fault that I could not accept him earlier, as I was too cautious with my profession and asked him to stop. It was Rakhi’s maturity to follow this, and I asked her not to make my pictures viral, and because of this, she faced a lot of humiliation,” as reported.

However, many still refused to believe the identity of Rakhi and her husband on Twitter. One viewer tweeted, “This 1 percent is not really all fake. Another viewer said, “I’m sorry for the pre-judgment, I don’t think this is Rakhi Sawant’s real husband. A fan shared a theory, Is Rakhisawant really Riteish your husband? Lagga hai hare pe leke aayi ho. Saw you on youtube for so many days. Are you a gym caste or a party or a hospital to see mom? Husband, It seems that you have brought him on rent.

Kashmira Shah took the debate up a notch. Describing himself as his ‘real partner’, he wrote on Twitter, “I hate seeing Rakhi in Bigg Boss without me. I am really her real partner. She is my gun, I am her trigger. No one as much as her.” Only knows as much as I know. Let’s see what happens next.

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