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Who is Leading This Week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Poll?

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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 had already passed half of their journey and entered a new week with strong contenders in the show. Every contestant in the house has the capability of winning the title of the show.

This week in the nomination procedure 4 contestants are nominated they are as follows:

  1. Cheran
  2. Sandy
  3. Tharshan
  4. Kasturi

Talking about the voting poll let js tell you Sandy is leading the board with a huge number of votes. The lead maintained by Sandy is not huge and it can be easily surpassed by Cheran.

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Tharshan is at the second spot and Cheran is at third and there are huge chances of Kasturi to get evicted from the show this week.

Looking towards the exact figure when am writing this.

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Sandy had received 198397 votes and he had almost reserved the first spot but nothing can be said.

Tharshan had received 182636 votes and Cheran can easily take his spot.

Cheran had received 180126. There is a very marginal difference between him and Tharshan.

Kasturi had received 55723 votes which are very less as compared to all the above 3 contestants.

It can be predicted that Kasturi will be the contestants getting evicted from the show this week. Also, Kasturi is seen very less on the cameras and there had been no huge contribution seen by her in the show.

Guys do vote for your favorite to see them in the week!


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