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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Ends, Mohanlal Informs Contestants About COVID-19

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For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, a show will be off air son without having a winner. Bigg Boss Malayalam fans there is bad news for you guys. The show will be off-air because of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and keeping in mind the health of crews, staff, and contestants.

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Normally the Bigg Boss contestants locked inside the house never get any news about the outside world. But this time, after seeing the fear of COVID-19, makers of the channel decided to inform the contestants about this disease and its symptoms.

Mohanlal went inside the house and informs them about the outbreak of COVID-19. Mohanlal explains the situation that how the country went lockdown to stop the crisis of COVID-19.

Mohanlal even assured them that their family is all fine and it is confirmed by the Bigg Boss team. And he also informs the contestants on how to prevent yourself from this issue. He said “You all just need to take extra precautions. Wash your hands properly and cover your mouth while sneezing”.

According to a report of media, the administrative and production department of the show is suspended further till the next notice.

The channel will probably run the old episode of Bigg Boss to entertain them.

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