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Bigg Boss Tamil fame Julie reveals why she can’t get back into her past profession (Nurse)


Bigg Boss Tamil fame Jullie who was one of the tough contenders in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Tamil has given a lot of opportunities to the rising star who is trying hard for their acting career. One of the contestants Jullie is also an example of the rising star.

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Let us tell you that Jullie was a Nurse by profession but afterward she gets an opportunity from the Bigg Boss makers and then she decided to join the show.

Jullie then gets into the acting and leave the nurse profession.

Recently Jullie had done a Q&A session on Instagram where one of her fans asked her, ” What is your present profession? Not going back to your nursing job”

Replying to this question Jullie said, ” Everyone asks me this…..I’m into acting now… Nursing is a holy profession that needs full dedication and handwork…

It’s not possible to do a nursing job like other jobs as a freelancer…

And handling both the job at the same time is very difficult

Coz shoots may make us go late for work and patients would be waiting

I cannot risk the patient’s life….(sic)

Jullie was recently seen hosting the show ‘Odi Vilayadu Paapa’.


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