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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam’s rebellious attitude continues

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The upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 16 are full of drama and entertainment. Fans have been enjoying Archana Gautam’s rebellious attitude with every captain in the Bigg Boss house and now with three captains, she is back in her rebel mode.

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The new promo shares, Sumbul as the new captain refuses to let Archana use gas to make her tea. She tells Soundarya that if she keeps doing this then everyone will start using the stove and start cooking for themselves.

Sumbul tries to stop Archana but she refuses to listen. Sumbul tells her, “This is your old habit, you like to torture all the captains of the house and do whatever you want but I will not let you do that this time.”

Archana keeps pouring her tea on the stove but Sumbul comes and turns off the gas. Archana gets irritated and warns him not to test his patience. Sumbul hits back and asks her to follow the rules or face the consequences. The fight is set to escalate like wildfire as both Archana and Sumbul are ready to take a step back from the argument are not.

In the previous episode, Archana was the first contestant to draw a portrait in the captaincy task and refused to choose Sumbul giving the reason that Sumbul was the one who made her lose her Rs 25,00,000 twice in the elimination task When the Golden Boys presented an opportunity, she was extremely unhappy with him and would not allow him to become the captain. But in Nimrit’s last picture, Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya become the captains of the house.

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