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Bigg Boss 16: Parents of contestants also in the midst of controversy

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After the emotional ups and downs and fights between Bigg Boss 16 contestants Sumbul Tauqeer, Shalin Banot and Tina Dutta in the house, now Sumbul’s father Tauqeer Hasan Khan has urged the Imlie actress’ fans to throw her out.

Sumbul’s stay in the house seems to have become difficult after host Salman Khan, Sumbul’s father and other co-contestants questioned his friendship with Shalin. Also, he said that he regrets sending Sumbul to the reality show.

Sumbul Touqueer’s father urges his fans to evict him
Sumbul’s father, who in a recent episode connected with his daughter through a phone call and called Tina and Shaleen ‘bastards’, said in a new interview that he is ready to apologize for his words.

He said, “I have raised Sumbul in a protective environment. When the offer came, I thought it would be a good medium to understand Duniyadari (world politics). Neither I nor Sumbul has followed the show, And I never realized something like this would happen. Today, I regret that I decided to send my daughter to the show. It did her more harm than good.

“I know there are people who love her but I feel she should be out. The girl who is in the house is not my daughter. She has lost her positivity and happiness. I don’t want her to be in any Get over the pain.” So I would request his fans not to vote for him. I am praying that he gets evicted this Saturday,” Sumbul’s father requested.

It all started after a heated argument between Sumbul, Shalin and Tina in the Bigg Boss house. Thereafter, Sumbul Touqueer’s father said in an audio conversation with her: “Show Shaleen and Tina their stature.”

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan said that Sumbul Touqueer Khan is “obsessed” with Shalin because she acted unfairly when she quarrelled with MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray.

This is when things started to turn for the worse. The Imlie actress started crying and Shaleen tried to defend the actress by saying that she is much younger than him. This discussion did not end in the house, but when Sumbul’s father let Shaleen-Tina down, it escalated to such an extent that there was a tussle between the parents.

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