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Bigg Boss 17: Fight between Sunny Arya and Samarth Jurel

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Sunny Arya and Samarth Jurel

The makers of ‘Bigg Boss 17‘ have shared its new promo, in which a fierce fight is being seen between the housemates. Now people are reacting in different ways after watching this video.

The upcoming episode of TV’s popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ is going to be very explosive. Actually, the makers of the show have recently shared its promo, in which an argument is being seen between Ankita Lokhande and Mannara in the house. On the other hand, because of Anurag Doval, there is a lot of fighting going on between Sunny Arya and Samarth Jurel, due to which the atmosphere in the house has become very bad.

In this promo, it is being shown that Ankita says in front of Mannara and some people, ‘Don’t get influenced by Mannara’s words, she can say anything about any girl. Today, if she is by his side, she will say good things, if she is here, she will say anything. He is not trustworthy. After hearing all this, Mannara folds her hands and says, ‘This is you. You first tell us who you are. On this, Ankita retorts and says, ‘You were calling Khanzadi characterless. If anyone goes against you, Mannara, you get burnt.’

On the other hand, Anurag Doval asks Samarth Jurel, ‘How did you tell everyone what happened in front of Tehelka, Sana and you?’ Then ‘Tehelka’ says, ‘Have you come here to gossip?’ Hearing this, Samarth says, ‘If you don’t want to talk here and there, then go out or else.’ After this, a fierce fight starts between the two and both of them start abusing each other fiercely.

Now, it will be special to see in the show on 10th November, what things Samarth told everyone, that should not have been told. After watching this promo, fans are reacting in different ways. Where one wrote, ‘Now the fun will come, everyone will be exposed. Another user wrote, ‘There is a lot of drama going on in this show.’

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