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Can Deepika Arya participate in Bigg Boss 18?

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Deepika Arya

Fans were waiting for Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 for a long time. Meanwhile, recently news came that the OTT version will not be launched this year. Now the eyes of the fans are fixed on the TV version of Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, an interesting update has come regarding the contestants joining the upcoming season of the show.

Bigg Boss 17 entertained the audience a lot. From TV actors to social media influencers, many celebs participated in the show.

Salman Khan was also seen creating fun, tension and suspense in Bigg Boss 17. His fun and rebuke with the contestants was the highlight of the show. Apart from this, the family members of the contestants in Bigg Boss 17 also attracted a lot of attention. The name of influencer Tehelka’s wife Deepika Arya is also included in these.

Deepika Arya was seen only occasionally in the Bigg Boss 17 house but managed to attract the attention of the audience. At the same time, now he was questioned about joining the new season of Bigg Boss. Deepika Arya expressed happiness on this and said that if she joins Bigg Boss, it will be great entertainment.

When asked a question about the call from Bigg Boss, Deepika Arya said, “Look brother, if Bigg Boss calls, then you know where their TRP is going to go. If I can create so much panic by coming thrice the world will love me so much. If she can give love, then what will happen in the whole show, but right now I don’t know whether I will ever be called by Bigg Boss or not. I just keep saying whether I want to be called or not. But no one says that I have not been to Bigg Boss thrice.

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