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Bigg Boss 17 Week 12 Voting Results (LIVE)

Bigg Boss 17 Week 12 Nominations

Bigg Boss Season 17 is reaching its final stage. With 11 weeks already over, we have the nominations for week 12. Among the remaining house contestants, 6 contestants are nominated for the upcoming eviction.

Last week we saw the show taking unexpected turns with the sudden eviction of Anurag Dobhal. The eviction of Anurag Dobhal clears the way for the trophy for Munawar Faruqui.

Talking about the Week 12 Nominations, we have Munawar, Aayesha, Aoora, Abhishek, Samarth and Arun nominated for this week.

You can check the Bigg Boss 17 live voting poll results from here. We have shared the current voting trends with you all here as well:

  • Munawar – 16,729 (29%)
  • Abhishek Kumar – 16,102 (28%)
  • Aayesha Khan – 7,543 (13%)
  • Arun – 6,368 (11%)
  • Samarth – 5,471 (10%)
  • Aoora – 5,120 (9%)

People voted: 57,333

As you can see from the numbers, Munawar is leading the chart with a total of 29% of votes in his favour followed by Abhishek and Aayesha respectively. Then we have Arun, Samarth and Aoora in the rankings.

These stats keep varying day to day so please check out the voting page for the latest and updated results.

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Munawar or Abhishek will be the winner of season 17

Hina Noor

Abishak winner 🏆




Abhishek kumar winner from hyderabad


Munawwar bahi


Munawar will be winner 🏆

Shafia sarwar

Munawar Faruqui

Rehan shaikh

Bigg boss

Masuk Ahmed

Munawar Bhai

Shabnam Dhalla

What time will the voting of Big Boss 17 close India time

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