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Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande called Neil Bhatt a coward

Ankita Lokhande called Neil Bhatt a coward

In ‘Bigg Boss 17‘, a new bomb exploded in the 28th November episode and apart from Neil Bhatt, this bomb exploded on Khanzadi. Khanzadi was nominated by Bigg Boss for her own eviction. On the other hand, Neil and Ankita had a very dirty fight. In ‘Bigg Boss 17’, some drama or the other has been seen every day. But the last episode was much talked about. Angered by Anurag Doval’s allegations, Bigg Boss scolded him a lot, after which he insisted on leaving the show. Anurag Doval is continuously demanding to leave the show. However, Bigg Boss has not reacted to anything on this yet.

Bigg Boss asks Anurag if he really wants to exit, answers yes or no. When Anurag says yes, Bigg Boss says that the game has just started and he accepts defeat. Then Bigg Boss says that he cannot fulfil his every wish. But he will convey his wish to his team as well as his legal team. But it will take three to four days.

Bigg Boss announces the nomination process. There is a bike kept in the garden area, on which Bigg Boss asks Anurag to sit. Anurag is already nominated. First, the sound of the bike will come and Anurag will tell the name of the member whom he will nominate for eviction from the house. Will also tell the reason. The member whose name is taken will come on the hand bike tied to the bike. In the next round, the nominated contestant will nominate another member whom he wants to see with him on the hand bike. That means nomination will happen in a chain reaction.

Bigg Boss then directly nominates Khanzadi for eviction. They also say that they will not have the right to nominate anyone else. Bigg Boss does this because according to him, Khanzadi was going to everyone and begging for nomination.

Anurag nominates Rinku Dhawan. Rinku in turn nominates Vicky Jain and explains her reason. When Vicky Jain comes, he nominates Neil Bhatt and says that despite a lot of efforts, their relationship could not work out well. That’s why we are nominating him. Neil in turn nominates Ankita and explains the reason. Due to this, a fight breaks out between Neil and Ankita. Ankita does not agree with the reasons given by Neil and presents her side.

Neil Bhatt calls Ankita hollow and says that she has no thoughts of her own. A heated argument ensues between the two. When Vicky Jain comes to intervene, Neil gets into a fight with him too. Then Aishwarya Sharma also jumps in. Ankita nominates Mannara and Mannara nominates Arun. Ankita and Mannara also have an argument in the nomination.

After this Bigg Boss announces the end of the nomination process. He announces that Anurag, Rinku, Vicky, Neil, Ankita, Mannara, Arun and Khanzadi have been nominated this week. Khanzadi and Anurag were nominated by Bigg Boss himself as a punishment.

After the nominations are over, the fight between Neil Bhatt and Ankita starts again. Both make lewd comments at each other. Neel calls Ankita hollow, while she calls Neel a coward. Ankita is upset that Neil did not give any real reason for nominating her. Neil crosses the limit and tells Ankita that she has to see the middle finger she showed to Abhishek.

Later, Neil gets furious and talks to all the family members except Mannara about Ankita’s behaviour. After this Neel also has a fight with Khanjadi. Later, Mannara complains to Munavvar about Ankita. Munawwar explains to him not to raise his tone. Whereas Khanzadi and Ankita tease Neil by calling him ‘Aunty Number 1’. Neel describes both as spineless.

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