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Bigg Boss 17: Fans in tension due to Salman Khan’s announcement?

Bigg Boss 17 Salman Khan Announcement

Season 17 of Bigg Boss is much discussed. Amidst all this, Salman Khan said in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode that he may not host the show next year.

Bigg Boss is the most controversial show on TV. At present, season 17 of this reality show has also become the talk of the town. The show is also maintaining its dominance in the TRP charts. All the celeb contestants are also entertaining the audience with their performance in Bigg Boss 17.

At the same time, host Salman Khan is also conducting classes for the contestants every weekend. However, yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar was also full of drama. Host Salman Khan also looked upset. In such a situation, host Salman has said such a thing in anger which has made Bigg Boss fans very tense.

Salman Khan scolds his family members in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. In fact, a few days ago Anurag Doval was heard complaining that he wanted to leave the show because he was upset with Salman Khan continuously bringing his bro army. Anurag had blamed the makers and Salman Khan for tarnishing his image.

Salman Khan was seen very angry due to this. He clearly told all the contestants in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode that if he gives advice to the same contestant, he will listen to them and he will not talk to anyone else.

He said, “I will not call you people stupid, I will call you all inexperienced because my experience in everything is much more than you people. When I tell you something, you people think that I am giving knowledge. Am.” He also said that next time he will not give his opinion on anything happening in the show and if someone is digging his own grave then he is not interested in it.

During this, he also said that as a host, it is his duty to guide the contestants properly so that they can get good work after the show. He said that due to inexperienced contestants, he will not share his views or feedback with anyone who does not take it positively.

Salman Khan further said, “I always add humour in my tone to make you all comfortable. I have hosted many seasons of Bigg Boss and I have given what I had to give to the show. I don’t know why. Whether it happens next year or not. I am not interested in becoming anyone’s tutor. How do you like me?”

He also made it clear that he would be biased and would talk only to those contestants who would be ready to listen and accept what he explained. Now after the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, fans are worried about whether Salman Khan will join the reality show. Will you not host the next season?

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Isabella Z

Bigg Boss or Salman please take Ankita in the confessional and show her the tape of Sana. Sana is such a hypocrite trying to be Ankitas friend while trying to seduce her husband. I know you wanted their moms to tell on him. All these innuendos are making Anita look like a fool. Please stop and you will see the game change like you have never seen before!

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