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Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Abhirami Gets Evicted From the Show

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Recently we have seen Abhirami getting evicted from the show. Madhumita was self evicted because she had attempted suicide in the house and this might create some legal issues towards the show, but makers decided to eliminate Madhumita from the show.

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The audience felt that Madhumita is not suiting according to the format of the show she didn’t get into any fights and she is so calm as compared to others.

This week Abhirami Venkatachlam, Mugen Rao, Madhumita, Losliya Mariyanesan. And it was earlier predicted that Abhirami will be getting evicted from the show.

Abhirami didn’t get enough votes from the audience as they felt the lack of effort by her towards the show.

Also, many netizens felt that Abhirami tried to get attention by crying on small issues which might also be one of the reasons for the netizens not to vote for her.

Abhirami was the 9th contestant to get evict from the show. Madhumita seems to be happy to get evict from the show and she would be very much excited to meet her family members.

There are only seven contestants left in the show and Bigg Boss is leading towards its journey. Let’s see who will be in the nomination list and whom people will support.


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