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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 : Rajith Kumar v/s Daya

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Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam week has entered in the 9th week and the show is doing extremely well and Rajith Kumar is the most lovable contestant of audience right because of his fearless attitude and has dared to speak what he wants to

As per the format of the show, every week contestants had to do the task so that they can get weekly budget and rationing for themselves. This time every contestant had to put allegations on their inmate.

So according to it, Dr. Rajith Kumar put allegations on Daya by saying that she had put down the dignity of the show when she made a re-entry last week. And Rajith feels that it’s now his time to get a victim of the blame game.

After this Daya in her defense said that it was makers’ idea to bring her back to increase the interest of the audience and she also said that it was Dr. Rajith Kumar who tried to get closer with her during the task.

Daya also said Rajith had said her “I love you”. For this the inmates Arya, Veena Nair, Reshma Rajan revealed that it is professor nature to say “I love you” to everyone.

Afterward, Daya said it was a false claim that she had made, she just said that to defend her for the game and to win the task.

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